October 17, 2017

Bill M

A dream became a reality for 10 years… that’s a success. Now on to another!


Thanks for all of the years of being the showcase for our event memories, the conversation piece at parties and the treasure chest of our guests’ hearts, our hearts.


As I watched you turn your Italian epiphany into reality, I couldn’t help but notice the personal growth and enlightenment that accompanied the business venture. . . .”what lies within” you has become the treasured keepsake.


It was and is my great honor to have worked with you Lesley. For what was initially a business relationship has grown to deep fondness and friendship.

These albums were a great concept and huge hit at my wedding, second wedding reception (in my home town) and my baby shower! People have come to expect them at our events!


Every time I used one of your albums it brought great fun to the celebration. I will continue to treasure my Adesso memories.  I wish you all luck in your next ventures and adventures!

Pat Down

Long live Adesso Albums in the memories of those it has touched!


I loved having your albums at our wedding.  You had great customer service, and I wish you all the best in your next career adventures.

Sara Marcus

Your albums played a huge roll in capturing the memories of our wedding day.  Best wishes for continued success in whatever you choose to do next.



I love our Adesso album from our wedding! You’ll always have my gratitude for one of my favorite keepsakes.